As our successful and world-class in-situ recovery (ISR) mining operations continue at Four Mile, Heathgate Resources never stops exploring the many mining opportunities in South Australia. Our focus is to extend the mine life of our core uranium business.

We hold permits for ISR uranium in the Frome Basin in the north of South Australia and actively explore for more world class deposits. These offer the potential to extend our operations at Beverley.

Heathgate also pursues opportunities for commodity diversification that offer significant value and growth to its business in:

  • South Australia: copper and gold targets ready to drill
  • Queensland: where we enjoy ‘first mover’ advantage with more than 2350km2 of exploration permits to prospect for rare earths used in new, emerging and exciting technologies such as electric vehicles, renewable energy and consumer technology

Heathgate owns and operates an expanding fleet of drill rigs. This assures the availability of cost-effective, in-house drilling. We do not rely on external contractors to be cost-effective and timely in a competitive commodities industry.

Heathgate exploration sites