Aboriginal Engagement

Heathgate acknowledge the traditional owners from where we operate including; the Adnyamathanha People for our South Australian mine site, the Dieri People for exploration prospects in South Australia, and the Pitta Pitta People and the Yullana People for our Queensland exploration projects.

Heathgate recognises that a positive relationship with the Aboriginal communities in the regions in which we operate is vital to sustaining the long-term viability of our business, and is committed to protecting cultural heritage, and improving Aboriginal participation.

This commitment is set out in our Aboriginal Engagement Policy, and is demonstrated at our mine site with the Adnyamathanha People through our strong relationship, ongoing employment, training, cultural awareness, and cultural heritage surveys.

Heathgate’s Four Mile mine and Beverley operations in South Australia are located on Adnyamathanha Yarta (land). The Adnyamathanha people are from the greater Flinders Ranges area and have lived in this region for thousands of years. Adnya means rock and mathanha means people.

Adnyamathanha people believe that significant places are attached to their Traditional Lore within their Yarta (land). These traditions and practices were used for environmental knowledge, social justices and Muda (Customary lore). The Flinders Ranges have many traditional tracks and song lines that cross over and explain how the land, animals and plants were formed. The places that feature in these stories are proof of the power and significance to the Adnyamathanha people’s way of life.