Operating in an extraordinary desert environment

We are diligent in all that we do and maintain the highest environmental standards.

Environment & Regulations

Our in-situ recovery (ISR) technology means there is:

  • No digging
  • No tunnelling
  • No open mine pits
  • No tailing

We are committed to conducting all our activities in an environmentally responsible manner, with the objective of minimising impacts to air, land and water resources to the lowest reasonably achievable level. The rehabilitation of the wellfields is effective and absolute. When a well is depleted, the piping and infrastructure is removed, the holes securely sealed and capped. After, it is almost impossible to see where we have been.

Operating within robust State and Federal regulatory frameworks

Strict regulatory frameworks apply to mining and licence conditions, which explicitly incorporate all aspects of our environment. Our performance is regularly reported to all levels of Government and independent assessed by Regulators including (but not limited to) the Environmental Protection Agency, the South Australian Government’s Department for Energy and Mining, and the Australian Government’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT).

Nuclear as a zero carbon energy source

Nuclear power produced by civilian nuclear power plants, is the world’s largest source of low-carbon electricity after hydroelectric. It is reliable, baseload, carbon free power that generates 11% of global electricity consumption.

Uranium oxide concentrate (“UOC”) produced by Heathgate is shipped overseas and converted into the fuel to create nuclear energy. Every 1,000 tonnes of UOC generates as much power as about 15 million tonnes of coal. Burning those 15 million tonnes of coal releases about 35 million tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere, compared to UOC which releases none.

Heathgate are proud of our growing and global role in clean energy.

As members of the Mineral Council of Australia, we are committed to ‘Towards Sustainable Mining’, a globally recognised sustainability program that supports mining companies in managing key environmental and social risks. The independently verified system reinforces our commitment to continual improvement in safety, environmental and social governance (ESG).