Environment, regulation and global responsibility

Heathgate Resources operates in an extraordinary desert environment.

We are diligent in all that we do and maintain the highest environmental standards.

Our in-situ recovery (ISR) technology means there is no digging, no open mine pit and no tunnelling. There are no tailings.

As such, the rehabilitation of the well-fields is effective and absolute. When a well is depleted, the piping to and from the well-field and other infrastructure are removed and the drill and well-holes capped.

Once we’re gone, it’s almost impossible to see where we have been.

Our operations are regulated by a range of agencies that includes the South Australian Government’s Department for Environment and Water and Department for Energy and Mining and the Federal Government’s Australian Safeguards and Non-proliferation Office (ASNO). Australian uranium is only exported for peaceful purposes under Australia’s network of bilateral nuclear cooperation agreements.

Uranium… the bigger picture

Nuclear power is the world’s largest source of low-carbon electricity after hydroelectric. It is reliable, baseload, carbon free power that generates 11 percent of global electricity consumption.

The uranium oxide produced by Heathgate at Beverley is converted overseas into the fuel used to create nuclear power.

Heathgate produces about 2000 tonnes of uranium oxide a year. By comparison, about 2000 tonnes of uranium oxide creates as much power as about 30 million tonnes of coal.

Burning 30 million tonnes of coal releases about 70 million tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere. Uranium oxide releases none.

Heathgate is proud of its growing and global role in clean energy.