Heathgate Resources

Heathgate Resources Pty Ltd (the Company), established in 1990, is the owner and operator of the Beverley and Beverley North Uranium Mines which are located some 550km north of Adelaide in South Australia. Beverley, which commenced production in late 2000, is Australia’s first operating In Situ Recovery (ISR) mine and from the outset, the Company was committed to developing and operating Beverley as a world’s best practice ISR mine. Utilising world’s leading technology, uranium is recovered at Beverley in accordance with stringent safety and environmental standards and exported to be processed into fuel to generate clean energy, at the same time, providing employment opportunities and royalties for South Australia.

Beverley plays a significant role is South Australia’s resource industry providing:

  • employment opportunities for South Australians including local and Aboriginal communities; royalty payments to the State;
  • production payments to Aboriginal communities;
  • procurement of goods and services from South Australian businesses;
  • ongoing exploration programs in South Australia; and
  • clean energy for electric power generation

Consumer demand for electricity is growing and with nuclear power plants producing low carbon emissions, nuclear energy represents the only way to generate significant amounts of base load power without increasing carbon emissions.